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Cham Dog - Pets Shop

* For dogs:
Food upscale dog:
Royal Canin (range cynotechnique) Proplan, Hill's Science Plan, Eukanuba
Dog Accessories numerous and varied, ranging from simple leaves necklaces upscale "Malucchi.
Bags of transport "Three in one" (on casters + + handles ties "back") for dogs under 12 kg, thick sleeping pillows and comfortable, plastic baskets, engraved medals.

* For cats:
Food upscale Cat:
Royal Canin (range Feline Health Nutrition) from kitten to old cat, for all ages and tastes different Proplan, Hill's Science Plan.
Dog Accessories numerous and varied transport box, necklaces, medals, engraving, griffaires "Sisal" games.

* For the birds:
food, aquariums, accessories

* For fish:
food, aquariums, accessories

* For rodents:
food, accessories

Photos :