Chamonix Snow Reports and Skiing Conditions

Fresh snow earlier this week in Chamonix!
Snow In Chamonix This Week! We had about 45-50 centimetres of lovely fresh snow at 2000m on Sunday and Monday, and the snow level was below Chamonix town, so the whole valley looks pretty white this week.
Grands Montets Closing 2017
Closing day at the Grands Montets on Monday did turn out to be a powder day, with 30-40cm of light fresh snow, and snow showers for most of the day! This winter ended as it began, in a Chamonix snowstorm.
Grands Montets today
Wow, it just snowed a lot at Grands Montets in the last 3 days, and even down to Chamonix town last night ... And then the sun came out this afternoon!!!
Grands Montets today
At last some showers this afternoon, snow above 2000m. The forecast is for fresh snow falling tonight and tomorrow, at lower altitudes as well, and we have a few more days of skiing at the Grands Montets this winter season...
Grands Montets today
A sunny but cold day at Grands Montets today. There is still some good skiing in Chamonix this spring, and a bit of limited ski touring, mainly from the Grands Montets back on the high glaciers, or other areas for the more adventurous ski-tourer...
Pierre-a-ric @ Grands Montets today
Variable visibility at Grands Montets today, but sunshine in Chamonix town, and at the Brevent/Flegere and Le Tour ski areas, which had their last official ski day of this winter today. The Grands Montets still has lots of snow, and continues to be open for skiing until May...