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Chamonix Weather Forecast - Daily Weather Report & 5 Day Forecast


Chamonix Weather Today Friday 19 April

Cold weather, becoming snowy - very strong winds at altitude
Cloudiness: slightly cloudy until mid-morning, altostratus forming local ceiling around 4500 m - becoming very cloudy from the N around mid-day, then covered by a barrier effect against the N slopes in the second part of the afternoon, ceiling around 1500-1600 m – sunshine: 35%

A few drops and flakes mixed from 5:00 p.m., then more organized showers in the evening - rain-snow limit around 1500 m, decreasing around 1100-1200 m in the evening

Winds according to altitude
in valley: dominant SW - very weak or temporarily weak
in medium mountains: weak NW -> moderate WNW - locally moderate to strong
in high mountains: NNW -> strong NW - locally strong gale this evening

Temperatures in the valley:
min, 0°C - i
max, +6°C

Altitude of the isotherms:
0°C, 1400 -> 1800 -> 1500 m
-10°C, 3000 -> 3500 m

Saturday 20 April

Slight improvement in an atmosphere that remains wintry - stormy breeze in the mountains
Cloudiness: chaotic sky with blue gaps, generally very cloudy in the morning - wider clearings in the afternoon - sunshine: 35%

Residual flakes from overnight during the morning - probably no precipitation in the afternoon

Wind at altitude: NNW -> strong N - temporarily strong gale

Temperatures in the valley:
min, -1°C
max, +5°C

Sunday 21 April

Beautiful very cold morning - easing winds and marked convection in the afternoon
Cloudiness: freezing morning clearing - becoming cloudy to locally very cloudy due to the development of large cumulus clouds - sunshine: 35%

Snow showers likely in the afternoon

Wind at altitude: NNW strong gale -> strong N

Temperatures in the valley: likely drop

Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 April Chamonix Weather

MONDAY: uncertain - same type of unstable weather as Sunday, but less sunshine and higher risk of showers with snow around 1200 m - the north wind should finally fall in the afternoon
TUESDAY: very uncertain - still very unstable, but slightly warmer - temperatures however remain well below seasonal averages
WEDNESDAY: very uncertain - perhaps colder and less unstable - snow showers nevertheless possible.