VerticAlp Emosson, Châtelard Park (Closed in 2022)

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Tue, 14 Jun 2022

WARNING: VerticAlp Emosson - Closed

A bus runs between Châtelard-Frontière and the Emosson Dam

The bus runs every day from 25 June to 28 August 2022. Check out here the timetables


VerticAlp Emosson is a tourist attraction of the Chatelard Park (Switzerland), owned and operated by the municipality of Finhaut.

This tourist attraction is opened to public since 1975 and it is located very close to Chamonix valley, at about 19 km distance.

VerticAlp Emosson is accessible:

  • by car: from Chamonix, through the Col des Montets Tunnel (20km distance in 30 min) and Martigny, by the Col of Forclaz (25km distance in 35 min).
  • by bus: with TMR (from June 20 to September 20) from Martigny, to col de la Forclaz and Finhaut (Switzerland) and from Chamonix to Vallorcine and Chatelard.
  • by train: with the Mont Blanc Express: St Gervais / Le Fayet - Chamonix - Chatelard - Martigny, from Chamonix (1 hour) and from Martigny (30 minutes).

VerticAlp Emosson is situated in the heart of the Espace Mont Blanc. This construction takes you from Châtelard, a village in the Trient Valley, to the top of Emosson Dam (1,965m altitude), the second-largest water reservoir in Switzerland and the Col of Gueulaz.

On site, you can use any of the many marked trails to the Vieux-Emosson Dam or just enjoy the countryside of this remarkable natural site.

Discover three attractions on unique railways!

VerticAlp Emosson operates three amazing systems on rails forming a tourist park which offers you a spectacular and unforgettable experience.

The Châtelard Funicular, The Panoramic Train and the Minifunicular make possible your trip in Mont Blanc massif.

There is also the VerticAlp Café, where you can take a break for a moment of relaxation. With spaces dedicated to children, at Les Montuires you can enjoy the local flavors with your family and friends.

Here, throughout the summer you can experience many events like the Tour de France, the Cosmojazz Festival, themed evenings: VerticAlpéro, fondue evening, concerts and many other surprises.

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1. The Châtelard Funicular

Built in 1919, the Châtelard Funicular is the fastest funicular in the world.

Visitor Information:

  • The Châtelard Funicular connects the village of Châtelard (1,122m) to Montuires (1,822m), passing through the village of Giétroz (1,357m).
  • Departure point of your adventure, has two new panoramic carriages, which takes you on an amazing vertical trip, with a maximum slope of 87%.


Le Châtelard 1,125m
Arrival Les Montuires 1,825m
Journey time 10 minutes
Distance 1,306m
Capacity 60 persons
Height difference 700m
Slope max 87%
Tunnels    2
Track gauge 1000 mm

2. The Panoramic Train

Built in 1975, is the second section of the Châtelard Park.

Visitor Information:

  • On a track winding up a mountainside, the train takes you through forests and tunnels to the foot of Emosson Dam.
  • The panoramic train offers magnificent views of the entire Mont-Blanc massif while overlooking the deep Bouqui Canyon.
Departure Les Montuires 1,825m
Arrival Foot of Emosson dam 1,815m
Journey time 10 minutes
Distance 1,650m
Capacity 60 persons
Height difference 10m
Slope max  1,46 %
Tunnels      5
Track gauge    600mm

3. The Minifunicular

In 1991, the Minifunicular replaced the Monorail trolley.

Visitor Information:

  • The Minifunicular connects the Dam Foot station (1,812m) to Émosson Lake station (1,962m).
  • Two-carriage system takes you to the open Emosson heights overlooking the lake.
Departure Foot of Emosson Dam 1,815m
Arrival Lake Emosson 1,965m
Journey time 2 minutes
Distance 260m
Capacity 10 persons
Height difference 140m
Slope max 73 %
Tunnels    0
Track gauge 900mm
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VerticAlp Emosson - CLOSED

A bus runs between Châtelard-Frontière and the Emosson Dam

The bus runs every day from 25 June to 28 August 2022. Check out here the timetables

VerticAlp Emosson Rates

Pass Liberté​ : Unlimited 1-day access to the facilities
Funicular + Panoramic train + Minifunicular

Adult (15-64 years) € 38 CHF 38.-
Child (5-14 years)

€ 25

CHF 25.-

Senior 65 years & + € 25

CHF 25.-

Online Only - Family Package
These packages are calculated automatically when you select online

2 Adults & 2 Children € 99

CHF 100.-

2 Adults & 3 Children

€ 119

CHF 120.-

2 Adults & 4 to 5 Children

€ 139

CHF 140.-

Pass Moitié-Moitié : Single race 3 installations Châtelard-Montuires-Emosson
Funicular + Panoramic Train + Minifunic   
Round Trip Emosson-Montuires > Minifunic + Panoramic Train   
Round Trip Châtelard-Montuires   

Adult (15-64 years)

€ 25

CHF 25.-

Child (5-14 years)

€ 17

CHF 17.-

Senior 65 years & +

€ 17

CHF 17.-

Prices in euros are subject to change depending on the exchange rate;

Special conditions:

  • Reductions are not cumulative
  • Children under 5 years travel for free.
  • Dogs admitted. Travel free of charge.
  • A tax of € 5 (CHF 5) is required for bike transport.

VerticAlp Emosson : Gare du Funiculaire, Route du Châtelard 6,

CH - 1925 Le Châtelard VS

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