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Useful French from - Talking about the Weather

 Il neige! It's snowing 
Il va neiger demain. It's going to snow tomorrow.
 Il fait froid.  It's cold out
 Il fait chaud It's hot out 
 Le foehn warm southerly wind which can cause lots of air turbulence (and makes people go a little crazy!) 
 C'est à cause du foehn It's because of the foehn wind 
 Le meteo the weather (also, the weather forecast) 
les nuages the clouds
ensoleillé sunny
clair clear (clear skies)
Il fera nuageux le matin  It will be cloudy in the morning
Il sera assez ensoleillé  It will be very sunny
un risque d'averse le soir  chance of storms in the evening
La brise thermique était faible à moderé The thermal wind was weak to moderately strong. 
Pas de précipitations No precipitation 
éclaircies plus large l'après midi skies clearing more in the afternoon 
 Il va faire quel temps demain? What's the weather going to be like tomorrow? 
 Il va pleuvoir It's going to rain. 
 Le mauvais temps arrive Bad weather is coming 
Orage the storm 
 Le temps sera orageux It will be stormy 
 vent wind 
 Le temps sera froid, pluvieux et venteux It will be cold, rainy and windy