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Les Canailles Chamonix

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Artisan Restorer Committed, here is the promise of Canailles.

Inspired by Lyonnais corks, you can taste the eggs in meurette, a quenelle of Pike with Nantua sauce, the famous Lyon sausage with Veal strawberry from Maison Bobosse and desserts where pink pralines very often find their place ...

Bouchon Lyonnais but not only! The commitment is to supply short circuits and local and fresh products!

You can find cheeses from Ferme Les Montagnards in Combloux, a magnificent lamb from Sallanches, or Charolais beef from Ferme de Challonges located less than 100 km from Chamonix.

The list is not exhaustive and the menu is renewed throughout the year, obviously favoring seasonal products. No need to look for tomatoes in January and pears in July, we will answer politely that the period is not suitable! 

Les Canailles