TAR: Results 2015


28 septembre 2015. Matthieu Brignon and Andrea Huser took away victories at the 2015 Trail des Aiguilles Rouges.

Matthieu Brignon
Lambert Santelli
Christophe Perrillat and Franck Vuillez
Andrea Huser

This year, the Trail des Aiguilles Rouges proposed a 50km distance with 4000m positive change in altitude along the way. The competition was held on Saturday 27 October and started at 04:30am from Chamonix, finishing in Les Houches. Around 600 athletes took part in this race.

The women’s competition saw incredible performances from the Swiss Andrea Huser, who took the win in 07h28mn50s and Caroline Chaverot who crossed the line in 7h55mn12s for second place. The 3rd place was awarded to Marjorie Roguet who reached the finish in 8h22mn52s.

The men's competition was won by Matthieu Brignon, who achieved one of his most famous victories in 6h19mn43s. That's come to be his 3rd best time, during 7 seasons of TAR:  2nd place in 2012, and the first one in 2014. The Italian, Lambert Santelli, who arrived 9min later (6h28mn49s) took the silver and the 3rd place on the podium was shared by Christophe Perrillat and Franck Vuillez who reached the finish line in 6h48mn08s.

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

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