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Paragliding Rules in Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley

Paragliding Rules in Chamonix Mont Blanc Valley

Do not disrupt the helicopter traffic in the Chamonix Valley. You must stay at least 1,000m above the following areas:

Restricted Air Zones


  • Le Bois helicopter landing zone.
  • Les Tines train station.
  • Railway line by the Hotel l'Arveyron.
  • Montenvers tunnel exit.
  • Hotel Montenvers.
  • Hotel de l'Arveyron.
  • Chalet du Chapeau.

In July-August:

  • The ridge separating France & Switzerland between l’Aiguille du Chardonnet & Mt Dolent.
  • The ridge separating France & Italy between Mt. Dolent and the Aiguille du Bionnasay.
  • Aiguille de Bionassay.
  • Ridge line between the summit of Aiguille de Bionassy to the low point of the Tricot.
  • Low point of the Tricot to Col du Mt Lachat.
  • Col du Mt Lachat to petit Bechard.
  • Petit Bechard to the lake of Les Gaillands.
  • The railway tracks from the lake of les Gaillands to the railway station at les Tines.
  • Railway station at les Tines to chalet du Chapeau.
  • Chalet du Chapeau to Les Drus.
  • Les Drus to l’Aiguille des Grands Montets (above cable car station).
  • L’Aiguille des Grands Montets to l’Aiguille du Passon.
  • The ridge connecting l’Aiguille du Passon to l’Aiguille du Chardonnet.

You must also not disturb the animals in the natural reserves. In the Chamonix Valley, you must stay 1,000m over the Aiguilles Rouges and the Berard Valley.

General Flying Rules:

  • When flying, the paraglider with the mountain on their right has priority.
  • When flying, pass other paragliders on the right (when overtaking or when passing a pilot head on).
  • When flying near the mountain, you cannot pass another paraglider.
  • When flying in a thermal, the first person in the thermal decides the direction and has priority.
  • When landing, the lower paraglider has the right of way.

Environmental Awareness:

While it is an amazing experience to share a thermal with a soaring eagle, it is important to leave the area when birds approach you near a ridge where they might be protecting their young.

The restrictions governing the overflying of natural reserves are in order not to frighten the many different species of animals who think a paraglider may be a predator.