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Railway celebration schedule - Chamonix news

It's a weekend of celebrations and free rail travel. Come check out the line between Saint Gervais les Bains and Vallorcine, and marvel at the beautiful scenery. Saturday 5th July in Chamonix; 10:00a.m. - 01:00a.m. Free open air entertainment: Children's games, street shows, performances, surprises and a variety of music... * 12:00 : Brazilian music: Batucada in the streets of Chamonix. * 13:00 : An entertaining picnic with Artonik, avenue Michel Croz. * 14:00 - 20:00 : Street artists, story tellers, regional music, etc... * From 20:00 to 1:00 - Giant Tartiflette - Melvil, the return of Chamonix's fetish rock group - History of the centenary, history of the valley, a big bang of videos and music. - A festive ball in red and white with all our favourite disco stars: Santa Esméralda, Gibson Brothers et Boney M. animated by the infamous Plastic Bertrand. Sunday 6th July, Vallorcine Meet up for a picnic lunch and share a convivial moment. Entertainment : fanfares, Savoyard songs, games and workshops for children * 12:30: Ceremony and centenary train

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