Goodbye Karine


1 500 people were gathered there, under the "Aiguilles de Chamonix", to say goodbye to the one that illuminated the world of snowboarding and mountaineering.
"Karine my, I'm going to miss you..." With these few words, Claude, her mother, spoke of her daughter so tenacious and voluntary. So reasonable, too.
Eric Favret, the president of the "Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix", was certain of two things about Karine. "No doubt you were getting a new medal, that of a mountain guide. And there is no doubt that you were going to integrate the "Compagnie des guides". What a great ambassador you were going to be ..."
Before the world of elite sport, the guides and instructors, her snowboard club and members of the climbing club of Chamonix, before the Minister Eric Woerth and Bernard Laporte, Bernard Accoyer (President of the National Assembly), Denis Masseglia (President of the National Olympic Committee), Senators, deputies, elected officials... her entire family, all her friends and hundreds of people, the coffin of Karine Ruby departed already.
The farewell was consumed, but there is no doubt that the star who was born in Nagano in winter 1998, is not ready to shut in the firmament. Her body is cremated today in all intimacy.


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