CHAMONIX: Huge storms! Campsite evacuated, Mont Blanc Tunnel closed…


The Favrands River flooded over its banks between 7am and 8am yesterday. The Molliasses campsite was quickly evacuated. Many roads in the county were also temporarily closed, including the access ramp to the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

The Tunnel was closed to traffic from both the French and Italian side. Around 10.a.m., the tunnel was temporarily opened to smaller vehicles via the Chemin du Dard but semis and all larger vehicles were rerouted to the Frejus tunnel and Vintimille.

“It was determined that a landslide of around 15m was blocking the traffic in the direction of the tunnel. Experts will determine today, if the bridges and roads are undamaged and safe for traffic.” - From a meeting of the ATMB (Autoroutes et tunnel du Mont-Blanc) yesterday evening.

The Chemin des Tissourds & the rue Marie-Paradis were closed but should open later today. The water level was up to 2 meters in some basements in the rue Marie-Paradis.

Forty-seven people were evacuated from the Molliasses campsite and moved to the Youth Hostel in Les Pelerins. The campsite was severely damaged by the flood but all campers were able to recover their belongings yesterday afternoon.

The floods were caused by heavy rains in the Chamonix Valley on Monday and Tuesday.


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