24 million euros invested in Mont-Blanc Express


The mayor of Chamonix, Éric Fournier, announced that 24 million euros will be invested by the Region for renewal of the rail line  of Mont-Blanc Express.

Mont-Blanc Express Chamonix
The Mont-Blanc Express Train
Mont Blanc Express and the Chamonix Valley

According to Le Dauphine, the train that brought Martine Guibert (the Vice President of Transportation) and Éric Fournier from Saint-Gervais to Chamonix was ironically late. The main cause was the heat.

The two of them meet to discuss the future prospects of the Mont-Blanc Express.

According to Martine Guibert, the works are absolutely necessary "Given the urgency of this work, we could not afford to procrastinate".

The Region (RGB) will invest 24 million euros and the works are 80% located between Saint-Gervais and Servoz.

The mayor of Chamonix declared that "We let down the small lines that are today in a state of general dilapidation".

The first phase of investment have been between 2013-2014 with 70 million euros, now 24 million and the last phase is planned for 2021 with about 50 million euros. In total, about 150 euros will be invested in the Mont-Blanc Express.

The main reason for this investment is to protect the atmosphere and to reduce pollution and traffic.

By 2019 tourists, students and locals will benefit from a renovated line with trains every 30 minutes in summer and every hour in winter. Read our previous article about this here.

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