Avenue de l'Aiguille-du-Midi becomes semi-pedestrian.


Avenue de l'Aiguille-du-midi will undergo a reconfiguration to become semi-pedestrian and to reduce traffic.

Avenue de l'Aiguille-du-Midi Changed. Photo source: @chamonix.fr
Avenue de l'Aiguille-du-Midi semi-pedestrian. Photo source: @chamonix.fr

According to Le Dauphine, changes will result in a significant increase in the pedestrian space. An upgrade of the road, sidewalks and terraces, a removal of parking (excluding deliveries and parking minute) and the installation of bicycle parking.

The road direction is changed

Road direction will be reversed. We will now go in the direction of Rue du Lyret to Carrefour promenade Marie Paradis/Chemin du Sapi. Either back to the departure station of the Aiguille-du-Midi cable car.

Also, a bike lane is created in the direction Carrefour promenade Marie Paradis/Chemin du Sapi to Rue du Lyret.

The works began since yesterday (10th September 2018) and will last for about two and a half months.

50 vehicles per hour on average

Loïc Plusquellec, director of technical services considers the change "much more relevant" since it allows more space for pedestrian and shops. "We found an average of 50 vehicles per hour on this road," he declared. Is "weak" and it doesn't require the parking lot.

The idea is to "redefine the road to open the visual perspective" with wider sidewalks and a reduction of parking spaces.

The first phase of work starts with the development of pedestrian paths and the cycle lane.

For safety reasons parking is prohibited on the street from the beginning of this week.

The access to shops and waterfront properties remains possible throughout the duration of the work.

The second phase of work will take place in the spring of 2019. It will consist of developing two intersections on both sides of the street.

The overall cost of the operation: 600 000 euros.

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