Fatal accident in Aiguille Pourrie


Wednesday 22nd August 2018, a mountaineer had a fatal fall while climbing Aiguille Pourrie, in the Aiguilles Rouges massif near Mont-Blanc.

Aiguille Pourrie - Fontès de Jouvence. Photo source: @camptocamp.org
Aiguille Pourrie. Photo source: @camptocamp.org
Aiguille Pourrie. Photo source: @camptocamp.org

According to Le Dauphine, the 31-year-old man of French nationality was well known in the area. He had exerted the doctor profession in the municipality of Magland.

The man was accompanied by his father and brother in the Fontès de Jouvence route when he fell about twenty meters.

According to the High Mountain Rescue Team of Chamonix, the man was at the top of the rope and he was leading the climb.

He was well secured but unfortunately the block on which he had secured himself detached. The block dragged him from the cliff and killed him instantly.

So far seventeen people died in the area since the beginning of June.

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