François Braud: Silver medalist at the Nordic World Ski Championships


27 February 2015. Goal achieved! After the silver medal won by Maurice Manificat in the cross-country ski competition, the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships that took place at Falun (Sweden) on Thursday has prepared a new huge surprise for all the French supporters. François Braud, carried out the race of his life and became the vice-world champion in combined Nordic ski, after the Austrian Bernhard Gruber.


Huge surprise at the Men's Nordic Combined 10km Cross-Country 2015!

The chamoniard, François Braud, 28, has been awarded with a second world silver medal, after the great team performance, where the French delegation achieved the second position on the world's podium.

François departed with 7 seconds delay, but in the end, he gain more power and motivated by his dream finished the second. He proved once again how talented he is. The first individual medal of his career! A great honor for Chamonix and Haute-Savoie.

"This is a victory I deserved it... it is difficult for me to decribe it or to hide it. It is a real satisfaction... " declared the fresh silver medalist.

Jason Lamy-Chappuis, the 6th in the competiton, is very proud of his teammate and friend. "He works so hard and he deserves it", said Jason.

The other 2 French athelets, Sébastien Lacroix and Maxime Laheurte earned the 8th and respectively the 14th position.

Stunning performances! We look forward for Chamonix athletes' giving good performances.

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