IFSC Climbing World Cup Chamonix 2017 Results


The second stage of the Lead World Cup Chamonix 2017 that took place from 12th to 13th July, was won by the Italian Marcello Bombardi. In his first-ever World Cup Finals, the young climber climbed to the top and won his first ever Lead World Cup event.

The Japaneses Keiichiro Korenaga and Yuki Hada completed the podium and placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Chamonix Lead World Cup 2017

Men’s podium, from left: Keiichiro Korenga (2nd), Marcello Bombardi (1st) and Yuki Hada (3rd). Photo source: @Rémi Fabregue
Romain Desgranges placed 4th. Photo source: @Rémi Fabregue
Chamonix World Cup Finals. Photo source: @Rémi Fabregue
Women’s podium, from left: Jain Kim (2nd), Janja Garnbret (1st) and Anak Verhoeven (3rd). Photo source: @http://www.ifsc-climbing.org
The Slovenian climber Janja Garnbret has once again claimed gold. Photo source: @Rémi Fabregue
The South Korean climber Jain Kim placed 2nd. Photo source: @Rémi Fabregue

Our Chamoniard Romain Desgranges placed 4th at Chamonix World Cup.

Romain shared his first reactions after the competition: "It's frustrating, of course. I feel like I have not really had a chance to fight." "But there are still some positive points. With Domen Skofic (SLO) eliminated in the semifinals, and the premature fall of Stefano Ghisolfi (ITA) in the final (7th), I consolidate my lead in the overall classification" he continues.

Lead Results - Finals Men:

1- Marcello Bombardi (ITA), TOP
2- Keiichiro Korenaga (JPN),TOP
3- Yuki Hada (JPN), TOP
4- Romain Desgranges (FRA), TOP
5- Loïc Timmermans (BEL), 42+
6- Sean McColl (CAN), 42
7- Stefano Ghisolfi (ITA), 40+
8- Yuval Shelma (ISR), 35+

In the women's event, the Slovenian climber Janja Garnbret has once again claimed gold, her second consecutive win, at the IFSC Lead World Cup in Chamonix.

Also, the South Korean climber Jain Kim and the Belgian climber Anak Verhoeven topped the final route and placed 2nd and 3rd in the final standings.

The French climber, Julia Chanourdie placed 6th.

Lead Results - Finals Women:

1- Janja Garnbret (SLO), TOP                     
2- Jain Kim (KOR), TOP                              
3- Anak Verhoeven (BEL), TOP                   
4- Tina Johnsen Hafsaas (NOR), 37+          
5- Jessica Pilz (AUT), 37                              
6- Julia Chanourdie (FRA), 33+                     
7- Mia Krampl (SLO), 32.5
8- Ievgeniia Kazbekova (UKR), 30

Check out here all the results of the overall classification

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