Magnus Ligue: Chamonix eliminated!


23 February 2015. This is the end of the season for the Chamonix Hockey Club! Chamonix Ice Hockey team has been eliminated from the Magnus Ligue quarter-finals, losing 3-2 to Dijon last Friday.


The playoffs, means a new season, a new beginning. We are extremely sorry to announce that Les Chamois will not take part in this new beginning! It was just impossible for Chamonix's hockey team to overtake Dijon's.

After a catastrophic season start - 5 consecutive losses, Chamonix seemed to be recovering. The team finished the 4th in championship standings and was directly qualified  for the quarter finals of the playoffs. A significant step! It was really good, but not enough! The Dukes were better, much better and seemed to have found the perfect strategy to defeat the brave Chamois.

Magnus Ligue - 1st Tour: Chamonix -v- Dijon
In these 3 games, Chamonix has proved to be a strong team having very strong moments. All players have assumed their role, but nothing could save them from the Duck's attack!
3 playoff games and 3 defeats! As a result, Chamonix is eliminated!

Unfortunately, the hockey season just ended for the Stéphane's Gros team.
Chamoniards fans still trust in their favorite team and are waiting for the new season!   


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