Mont Blanc's Gouter Route Closed Until Further Notice


On July 17, the Company of Guides-Saint Gervais have suspended the ascent of Mont Blanc via the Gouter Route for safety reasons.

 The Trois Monts and the Gouter Route
Gouter Route, Mont-Blanc massive
Gouter Route, Mont-Blanc massive

This decision is considered to be the direct consequence of the heat wave of recent weeks. With rapidly melting snow and dislodging rocks the Grand Couloir has become a very risky route for the mountaineers. Thus, the Gouter Route has been closed for an indefinite period and the decision of reopening can be taken unless the conditions allow.

The Companie des Guides - Saint Gervais appeals for high mountain caution during these high temperatures period and recommends to postpone the ascent via the normal route of Gouter. However, there is another alternative to attempt the Mont-Blanc massive: the Trois Monts (from Chamonix) and the Pope route (on the Italian side).

If you are considering climbing Mont Blanc by any of its routes it is advisable to consult the Office du Haut-Montagne (OHM) for current information on conditions.


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