A Multiplex Cinema in Chamonix by 2019


Chamonix will be without cinema for approximately one year, from December of 2018 to late 2019.

Cinema : Search is launched for a cinema partner in the new Multiplex project.

The CCC (Communauté de Communes de la Vallée de Chamonix Mont-Blanc) is seeking an investor to develop and manage the future Multiplex Cinema.

Cinema Vox, must leave the premises it occupies at the end of 2018, because the lease will expire. The landlord will not issue a new lease.

Therefore Chamonix will need a new cinema. This is an opportunity to develop a Multiplex facility with a minimum 4 screening rooms, and to benefit from the unused premises in the cultural complex, next to the Place du Mont Blanc. The objective of the Community is to build a Mutliplex in two domes in the complex immediately north of Chamonix town, located between the city school, the MJC and ENSA. Currently, the two domes "I" and "J" are not unoccupied.

The CCC (Communauté de Communes de la Vallée de Chamonix Mont-Blanc) is seeking an investor, to take develop the project, and to manage it for a term of 30 years.

In May 2017, the community decided on their objectives and requirements, which the new partner will be obliged to observe.

The community will set conditions and monitor the performance of the provider, within the terms and conditions of the contract. Also the CCC shall ensure that the partner will participate in mediation services with the local population and associations, in particular with Les Amis du cinéma.

Cinema Vox Chamonix. photo source: @www.chamonix.fr
Project objective: to build a Mutliplexe in the domes of north Chamonix, located between the city school, the MJC and the ENSA. The location is the currently unoccupied dome "I" as well as part of the dome "J", where is located a nursery. photo source: @www.chamonix.fr
Cinema Vox Chamonix

Proposals must be submitted with an architectural project, a financial plan and standard operating procedures.

The Community Council will consider all proposals and negotiate as required prior to reaching an agreement.

The community of municipalities shall undertake to carry out asbestos removal and demolish the interior of the two domes, starting October 2018.

Any interested investor can obtain information from Cédric Blondel:

+33 04 50 53 75 05 or cedric.blondel@chamonix.fr

Once the partner has been selected, at the end of 2017/beginning of 2018, the structure will be delivered to him empty of all interior fittings.

According to Le Dauphine, the total cost of the works will be about € 5 million:

  • € 1 million at the expense of the town hall for asbestos removal and clearing the interior of the two domes.
  • € 4 million for the partner to develop the project.

According to the Chamonix elected representative in charge of culture, Luc Barbier, "the objective is to ensure that Chamonix will be without a cinema for the shortest possible time".

"We do not want the population to lose the habit of going to the cinema," he added.

The opening of the new cinema is scheduled for late 2019.

For more info, click here to see the video on Facebook.

The provisional calendar:

  • May 2017 : search for partners commences;
  • October 2017 : the commune receives proposals for the project;
  • Autumn 2017 : negotiations with the prospective partners;
  • First quarter of 2018 : award of the partnership contract;
  • Spring 2018 : transfer of the nursery out of dome "J" so that the building is empty;
  • July-August 2018 : work to remove asbestos and interior demolition of both domes;
  • End of 2018 : the premises to the new partner for development;
  • 2019 : Multiplex Cinema to open late in the year.

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