New rock climbing spot in Chamonix: Le Labo


A brand new rock climbing cliff in Chamonix Valley! It's called Le Labo and it's located in Les Houches (Coupeau).

The Chamonix valley has a new cragging spot. It's called Le Labo, and routes have been bolted by Jeansé Knoertzer, Ilan Knoertzer,Denis Poussin and Philippe Collet.

Rock is still a bit fragile here and there, but with time it should get better. The climbs are relatively short (18/30m), overhanging and requires stamina. A good place to get in shape.

The routes:

1- L'ère du vide , 6b+, Philippe Collet
2- Ultime la Tomme, 7c, Philippe Collet
3- Golden Shower, 7b/c, Philippe Collet
4- Les règles du plaisir, 8a? (lisiason des 4 premiers points de golden shower et sortie par Ultime la Tomme), Philippe Collet
5- La force de Corio-lisse, 7c+, Ilan Knoertzer
6- Obsolescence programmée, 7a+/7b, Jeansé Knoertzer
7- Creatine Phosphate, 7b+,Jeansé Knoertzer-Denis poussin
8- Le théorème de ta laisse, 7b, Jeané Knoertzer
9- Bourre Moltès !, 7b, Philippe Collet
10- Black mamba, 7a, Philippe Collet
11- Nain,faux man, 6c+, Philippe Collet
12- Bienvenue à la Nasa, 7a, Philippe Collet
13- Sur le plilier à droite : la cage de Farradè, 6b, Ilan Knoertzer

How to access the rock wall:

Drive to Mount Flatière (Coupeau).
Park your car in the parking lot of La Flatière (located at the beginning of the forest road).
Walk on the path that leads to "Samoteux" (10min). Follow the road down to Montvauthier, then head right on the path to "Chalet des grosses Pierres" (a 5 min easy climb).
100m before the chalet, turn to the right on a track that crosses a path in the forest (near the river) to arrive on a big drivable track. (5min)
Descend on this track turn the left and then walk 10 metres to a quite difficult path that should be on the right (pink arrow near to mark it). Follow this track across the forest to reach the foot of Le Labo (pink arrows): 10min
It is also possible to access the site from Montvauthier.

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Le Labo, Chamonix Valley, Credit Photo @
Le Labo, Chamonix Valley, Credit Photo @
Le Labo, Chamonix Valley, Credit Photo @
Le Labo, Chamonix Valley, Credit Photo @

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