Paraglider dies after fatal fall above the glacier d’Argentière


On Friday morning, July 17, a paraglider native from New Zealand, dies after a crash on the Argentière glacier, in the Mont-Blanc massif.

The Argentière Glacier
Seracs of the Argentière Glacier
The Argentière Glacier view

The accident occurred attempting to take off between two hanging glaciers high above the Glacier D'Argetenière. The man, 38, struck a serac with his foot, the wing failed to fly and the pilot fell about 30m. The impact was fatal.

His flying partner, who witnessed the tragedy, immediately alerted the PGHM in the hope that his friend had a chance of survival. Unfortunately, on arrival at scene of the accident, the PGHM declared the pilot dead.

According to PGHM, the victim was an experienced paraglider pilot who was well equipped to fly in that environment.

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