Play-offs: Victory for the Chamois


Friday, 21 Feb 2014, the Chamois make the impossible, possible!
​Stéphane Gros' men are the first to take over Magnus League's play-offs.

Logo of the Chamonix Chamois
Logo of the Magnus League
Magnus League: standings before the play-offs
The play-off ranking before the Chamois's match
The play-off ranking after the Chamois's match

To go in the quarters, the Chamois had to win at least 3 out of five matches.

The suspense did not last too much: the Chamois have well understood their mission and have decided not to waste their time. In the first round of the Magnus League's play-offs, the Chamoniarde team chose to trounce the Dolphins (Dauphins d'Epinal) with a set of victories from the first three games.

Result: the Chamois is the first team to go in the next tour, in the quarter-finals.

Points scored by the Chamois:

  • 0'41, Gras (ass. Audibert and Patry)
  • 13'51, Terrier (ass. Tremblay and Kara)
  • 17'19, Tremblay (ass. Hardy)
  • 27'18, Audibert (ass. Silvennoinen and Masson)
  • 44'39, Gras (ass. Cocar and Patry)
  • 45', Hardy (ass. Veydarier)
  • 65'43, Hardy (ass. Masson and Veydarier)

With two victories in the away matches and one in the home match, on the Richard Bozon ice rink, final score 7 - 6, the qualifications were rather simple for the Chamois.

The Chamois get back in the training field:

In the quarter-finals, the Chamois team up against the Dragons of Rouen, an "old friend" of the Chamois. In the 2013/2014 season, the Chamois haven't won once against the Dragons.
We do remember once again, the final of the Coupe de la Ligue. It was Chamois' first final after 20 years, but unfortunately, it ended up with loss in the over-time.

Mission impossible for the Chamois?

The most successful club in the history of the French ice hockey, but whose last success was in 1979, will face the team that dominated the league for almost a decade. The Chamois fans will be out in force to support them for the face-off with the Dragons.

Bon courage, les Chamois!

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