Thirteen emergencies for Chamonix PGHM


Tuesday July 21, was a particularly hard day for the PGMH, with 13 interventions on the Mont-Blanc massif.

PGHM Chamonix, helicopter rescue
Walker Spur of the Grandes Jorasses
 PGHM Chamonix logo

The first alert occurred early morning, at 6:45am. After that, the emergencies were ongoing throughout the day. Around 14:45pm the PGMH had to intervene on the "Walker Spur" (north face of the Grandes Jorasses) to rescue a climber that had fallen 200m. The man survived, but with a compound fracture of the femur.

The rescue team was called into action again around 15:40pm to assist another mountaineer who had plunged into a crevasse. Fortunately, he was extracted from the crevasse unharmed.

Most of the emergencies were related to climbers that got stuck on a mountainside. Some were fit but not able to advance or descend; two teams were recovered, suffering from exhaustion; one from the Col du Maudit and another from the Nid d'Aigle. There were no fatalities.

The PGHM calls for extreme caution for those going into the high mountains. Despite appearances, the mountains remain a dangerous place.



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