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TMB Mobility: New App for the Mont Blanc Tunnel

Since Friday 7th April 2017, it is possible to download "TMB Mobility", the new free info app on traffic status and access conditions to the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

According to Le Dauphine, through this application is also available information on traffic forecasts, rates and fees, as well as the web camera service, available to the Mont Blanc Tunnel users, so they can be updated in real time about traffic conditions at the tunnel entrance. These webcams are already displayed on the GEIE-TMB website.

Indeed, TMB Mobility displays alerts and live traffic cams to avoid waiting time or traffic blocks, recommends departure times, and provides real time alerts to keep users aware of changing on Tunnel Mont Blanc traffic condition and events.

The information is provided in three languages: English, French and Italian and is displayed on a map, showing the two entry platforms French side and Italian side, as well as the two heavy traffic areas Passy/Le Fayet and Aosta.

So, download now for free the new App "TMB Mobility" on your smartphone to track real-time traffic at the Mont-Blanc Tunnel.

The App "TMB Mobility" is available on iOS and Android.


TMB Mobility is a next-generation traffic App that takes the guesswork out of when to leave and how to get to the Tunnel Mont Blanc and gets you there as easily and efficiently as possible.

According to the Mont-Blanc Tunnel officials: "The TMB Mobility App integrates traffic information directly from the Tunnel Mont Blanc operative control center, showed via Google Maps, the most up-to-date and accurate maps application on the market, in line with those sent to other partners such as "Autoroute Info" or the municipality of Chamonix.

So, the GEIE-TMB provides to users that are travelling towards the Mont Blanc Tunnel

Real-time mobility:

  • information and webcams;
  • traffic forecasts;
  • planned interruption;
  • traffic rules;
  • fees and rates.

Download the “TMB Mobility” App

“TMB Mobility” can be downloaded free of charge from the GEIE-TMB website and from those of the two Mont Blanc Tunnel franchise companies (ATMB and SITMB), or from Apple store and Google play.

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