Traffic will change in the Chamonix City Center


From the start of summer 2021, the Town Hall of Chamonix Mont-Blanc is carrying out improvements aimed at both promoting active modes of travel (walking, cycling), reducing vehicle traffic and improving the quality of neighborhood life.

Car traffic will change in the center of Chamonix
Car traffic will change in the center of Chamonix
Car traffic will change in the center of Chamonix


Here are the major measures implemented (see images):


Lyret street, La Tour street
La Tour street and Lyret street, between the carrefour of Lyret and La Tour street, become pedestrianized. A first development is carried out between the carrefour of Lyret and Les Gourmets Hotel. An access terminal was installed in early July 2021. The development of the street (from Les Gourmets to La Tour street) will continue later.

Active modes (pedestrians and bicycles) are favored at Lyret street between Aiguille du Midi avenue and the carrefour of Lyret: parking is removed, sidewalks are enlarged and a cycle lane is created. On this section, bicycles can travel in both directions. However, only one direction is allowed for vehicles from the carrefour of Lyret to the Aiguille du Midi avenue.

Chemin du Sapi
The Chemin du Sapi, between the Aiguille du Midi avenue and the carrefour of Lyret, runs two-way for bicycles and one-way for vehicles.

Chamonix Sud
A traffic 30 zone is marked on the perimeter of Chamonix sud by signs and markings on the ground.

The Pelerins street
Traffic is now only one way in the lower part of the Pèlerins street between the Chemin du Cry and the Chemin des Tissourds. A sidewalk is also created on this section as well as a downward cycle lane (from the hospital to Chamonix center). The materialization is done by a marking on the ground and to the panels.

Adaptation of bus and Mulet traffic
The “Mulet” bus now serves the hospital with a frequency every 20 minutes. Line 2 goes through the Promenade Marie Paradis. A connection between lines 1 and 2 and the Mulet is organized at the bus station.

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