Whympr: new application for your mountain trip


Helps you prepare and organize your mountain outings and also it gives you detailed descriptions of thousands of summits and routes on your mobile.

According to Radio Mont Blanc, the developers of Whympr are the two cousins, Timothy Maclean and Xavier Bougouin, both mountain lovers. They designed this app for mountain activity enthusiasts : alpine/rock climbing, ski touring, trekking, mountain biking.

The goal: to create a smartphone application to find information on mountains and routes.

Timothy Maclean: the Co-Founder - CEO of Whympr is a French-Canadian based in Chamonix, with 15 years of experience as an International Project Manager in the High Tech, Apple, Creative and HP industries.

Xavier Bougouin: the Head of Design is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. A consultant in design and branding, he has a lot of experience in online marketing for start-ups.

Whympr: new application for your mountain trip
Whympr - screenshot
Whympr -  screenshot
Whympr -  screenshot
Whympr -  screenshot
Whympr -  screenshot
Whympr -  screenshot
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The idea of Whympr is to help young people who love the mountain to prepare, enjoy and share their mountain trip. This app is named after the great mountaineer Edouard Whymper, the first man to climb the Matterhorn (12th highest peak in the Alps).

Whympr allows to find the images, the descriptions and the difficulty level of the mountain routes.

The application aggregates a number of previously separate services, relying in particular on camptocamp.org, a well-known Montagnard sharing platform, or on IGN maps.

Whympr can be a usefull guide for your next mountain expedition!

Usable all year,Whympr allows:

  • display an IGN (or 3D) map with vertices, passes, cliffs, etc.
  • look for an exit / summit;
  • list the last outputs;
  • add a new output;
  • manage your profile.

Connected to the Internet, it is possible to:

  • follow your friends and share on Facebook;
  • receive a notification concerning a route as soon as there are news;
  • like the outings.

The application is free, but there is a paid version at €24.99/year that allows you to view offline maps in 3D and refine your selection according to the difficulty and position of the trails. Already available on iPhone, it will soon be released on Android!

Download Whympr on iOS: (iPhone, iPad, iPod) via AppStore

Website: whympr.com

You'll find Whympr on social networks:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Whympr
Instagram: www.instagram.com/whympr
Twitter: twitter.com/whympr?lang=fr

Accès direct: Interview with Timothy Maclean on January 5, 2018.

The video below, minute 13:42

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