The Old Goûter Refuge Disassembled


From 19 Aug 2013, weather permitting, the process of emptying the interior of the old Goûter refuge begins. Asbestos removal from the site starts in September 2013. The duration of the work is scheduled to take 2 months and the company managing the process is the Alpes Bourgogne Environnement from Sallanches.

The refuge is situated at more than 3800m of altitude, so all material removed from the building is transported down to the Chamonix Valley by helicopter.
The original permit for the work, granted in 2011, has expired. Before the work commences a new permit is pending.

The new Goûter Refuge opened on 22 Jun 2013 and is located 200m to the south of the old refuge.

Old Goûter Refuge

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