snow report, January 5th 2017


Finally we have some fresh snow in Chamonix! It is not much (3-4cm in town), but it sure looks beautiful. Grands Montets this morning was cold and windy, but the pistes were a bit softer than they have been lately...

Piste Bochard @ Grands Montets
Lognan @ Grands Montets
Not good off-piste at the moment - rocks!
Pierre-a-ric piste almost ready to ski

There was between 5 and 10 centimetres of fresh snow on the mountain at the Grands Montets from last night, but there was lots of wind there this morning - a cold wind from the North. It is definitely frostbite weather, so wrap up warm.

The piste was nice and soft early on, with drifts of new snow, but very icy in places underneath the new snow, especially where it was being scraped by skiers. It was getting busy by 11am though, as the sun was starting to come out a bit more.

Off-piste is definitely not a good idea right now - there are so many rocks, and some are just hidden underneath the fresh snow.

There was not enough new snow for them to open the top cable car for skiers yet, and besides, today is too windy up there, but the Pierre-a-ric piste down to Argentiere is looking great, as they have had snow cannons working there with colder temperatures, and it should be open for skiing in the next couple of days. There is more wind and some more flurries in the forecast, as well as some sunshine, but we will have to wait some more for the big snow that we need...

A shorter video today, as it was really cold to film in the wind! snow reports created by Steve Baldwin, skier, monoskier and author: check out my ski adventures book on my website:

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