Ride sharing to, from and within the Chamonix Valley, Car Pooling

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Don't have a car and need to go somewhere? Have an extra space in your car?

Whether you would like or are offering a ride in your car check out the following ride sharing sites.

Carpooling Chamonix

Ride sharing to Chamonix, from Chamonix and within the Chamonix Valley and in the Alps Ski Resorts too.

  • Chamonix-covoiturage.com,  a dedicated Chamonix car-pooling site, only in french.
  • Mountain RideShare, a world wide car-pooling site with a dedicated chamonix page. No language variation, just english.
  • Covoiturage.fr  Seven European countries covered and four languages, French, Spanish, Italian and English.

If you change your mind and decide to go by yourself, check out the local taxi companies in and around Chamonix or the car hire / rent-a-car companies.