Travel from Italy to Chamonix by Airplane


Geneva Airport is the closest airport to Chamonix, just one hour on a fast and easy road. To use the Swiss motorway to bypass Geneva town centre, a Vignette is required. It is slower to drive through the city to access the French auto-route.

Also, Milan is at 240km distance from the centre of Chamonix (approx. 3hrs). Choose the best alternative for you.

easyJet - Plane from Italy to Geneva
AlItalia - Plane from Italy to Geneva
KLM - Plane from Italy to Geneva

Flights from Italy to Geneva: from Brindisi, Naples, Sardinia, Sicily, Rome, Venice.

Pay attention: some of the flights may only operate in the summer.

Click here for all other airlines flying to Geneva Airports. Also, check flights to Malpensa and Linate airports in Milan, Italy.

  • Milan, Italy is 3:45 hrs driving from Chamonix, and you have to go through the Mont Blanc Tunnel. In Milan there are three aiports: Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio.
  • EasyJet - London Gatwick flies to Turin in Italy which is a 1hr45mins drive to Chamonix, Luton flies to Milan Malpensa in Italy which is 2hr45mins drive to Chamonix.

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Light Aircraft to the Chamonix Valley: there is a small airport in Sallanches, 25 km from Chamonix.

Contact: AMS Mont-Blanc Aviation + 33 (0) 4 50 58 08 99.

For more information: Geneva International Airport: +41 (0) 22 7177111