Bus Travel from Milan to Chamonix

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Mon, 02 Jul 2018

Bus travel from Milan to Chamonix is slow but it's quicker than rail travel. There are two companies that provide bus services from Milan to Chamonix: SAVDA and Eurolines. Read the following information to decide which one is the best for you!

Lampugnano Bus Station Milan
Savda Bus at Lampugnano Bus Station in Milan
Savda Bus at Aosta Autostazione, one of the stops on the way to Chamonix
Savda Bus in Piazzale Monte Bianco Bus Station in Courmayeur
Bus Tickets Desk in Chamonix in front of the rail station
Bus Tickets in front of the rail station in Chamonix Mont-Blanc


SAVDA runs a daily service. Departures from Lampugnano M1 bus station in Milan to Chamonix Sud, Avenue de Courmayeur station everyday at 7:15am and 1pm with one or more changes.

Milan Aosta Courmayeur Chamonix Sud
Departure: 7:15am - Arrival: 10:45am Arrival: 11:30am
Departure: 1pm Arrival: 3:30pm Arrival: 4:45pm

Arrival: 5:45pm

  • Departure at 7:15am: arrives in Courmayeur (Piazzale Monte Bianco) at 10:45am. Change in Courmayeur (Piazzale Monte Bianco) to go to Chamonix. It arrives in Chamonix Sud (Avenue de Courmayeur) at 11:30am. No change required between Courmayeur and Chamonix.
  • Departure at 1pm with 2 changes to make: one in Aosta (Autostazione) and another one in Courmayeur (Piazzale Monte Bianco). The coach arrives in Aosta at 3:30pm, change and take the coach to Chamonix at 3:45pm (15 minutes of waiting). It reaches Courmayeur at 4:45pm, here change and take the coach to Chamonix Sud at 5pm (another 15 minutes of waiting). There are a lot of stops between Milano and Courmayeur, that's why the journey is 4 hours and 45 minutes long.

Check out the Timetables:

Chamonix - Courmayeur - Aosta - Turin - Milan from 30th June to 16th September 2018

The price starts from: €21 for Children and €34,5 for Adults.

Attention: From Chamonix to Aosta or Milan or Torino you must buy 2 tickets
(1 Chamonix - Courmayeur, 1 Courmayeur-Aosta or Milan)

Booking in advance. You can buy your ticket in Chamonix at SAT Agency (13 avenue Michel Croz), at Chamonix Sud rail station, at SAT Agency (40 Place de la Gare), avenue de Courmayeur (open daily) and at Savda sales points in Italy or online.

There are three ticket offices in Milan, one is at the station Lampugnano. See other ticket offices.
More Info:
SAT Chamonix: +33 (0)450530115 - www.sat-montblanc.com
SAVDA Courmayeur +39 0165 367032 - www.savda.it


  Milan Turin Aosta Chamonix Sud
Sunday 3:45pm 6pm 8pm 9:30pm
Tuesday 3:45pm 6pm 8pm 9:30pm
Thursday 3:45pm 6pm 8pm 9:30pm

Departures of Eurolines coaches every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from Milan at 3:45pm, Lampugnano Station, to Chamonix (Avenue De Courmayeur Eurolines Bus Stop) at 8:45pm. The journey is 5 hours and 45 minutes. There are two stops before arriving in Chamonix, one is in Turin (C.so Vittorio Emanuele) and the other one in Aosta (Autostazione). The ticket cost may vary check their website.

Lampugnano Bus Station

The Lampugnano Bus Terminal is adjacent to the Metro Station Lampugnano. The best way to reach Lampugnano is by metro. From Centrale FS take the green or yellow line, the green is faster than the yellow one. At Cadorna Station, change to the red line to Rho Fiera. Be careful not to get a red line to Bisceglie, as they go in the same direction, but only as far as Pagano Station, where the line splits. The journey on the metro between Centrale FS and Lampugnano takes about 50 minutes.

Courmayeur – Chamonix Sud: Buses through the Tunnel

Chamonix Sud 8:30am 11:45am 3:30pm 5:15pm
Courmayeur 9:15am  12:30am 4:15pm 6:00pm

The Mont Blanc Unlimited skipass allows to travel with a discount between Chamonix and Courmayeur and back, under the following conditions:

  • on some of the regular services and within the limits of the available seats (seats limited).
  • pick up, before boarding, a ticket from the coach station desk in Chamonix (SAT Ticket Office, Place de la Gare) or Courmayeur (Piazzale Monte Bianco) showing a valid MBU (if the validity can’t be verified by the coach station staff, the traveler needs to go and get a proof of validity from the ski lifts office).

Booking is necessary, it can be made at one of the authorized ticket offices or online.