Travel To Chamonix by Train from Switzerland

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Last Updated: 
Tue, 22 May 2018
The Swiss have an excellent rail network: the SBB, with three stations in Geneva. However, these do not provide easy access to Chamonix as two of the stations are being reconstructed and there is no direct train between Geneva and Chamonix.

Transfer by road is recommended, but if you want to use the train, take a French train. The name of the main train station in Chamonix is Gare de Chamonix Mont-Blanc, on the French national rail network operated by the state controlled company SNCF.

Eaux-Vives Rail Station of Geneva is Closed
The Construction of the CEVA
Geneva Eaux-Vives will be replaced by an underground station
Annemasse Rail Station
La Roche sur Foron rail station
Saint Gervais les Bains Le Fayet
Chamonix Travel by train
Mont Blanc Express Train
Looking south east from Chamonix Mont-Blanc Train Station in winter
Chamonix Mont-Blanc Train Station in winter

Trains from Geneva to Chamonix

The journey from Geneva to Chamonix takes between 2h51mins and 3h 25mins depending on connections and day time. A shuttle transfer by road from Geneva Airport takes about 1h10mins.

Geneva - Annemasse/ Roche-sur-Foron - St Gervais - Chamonix

In Geneva, Cornavin and Eaux-Vives train stations are still being renovated.

Eaux-Vives train station: reopening planned for December 2019

In Geneva, the Eaux-Vives rail station is closed since 27th November 2011. Indeed, the station was completely destroyed and will be completely rebuilt. It will reopen in December 2019 as a CEVA intermediate station.

Pending completion, replacement bus services are operating. Check the online timetable here

Cornavin train station: remains fully operational

The Cornavin train station remains fully operational during the renovations. This station is the gateway or terminus of many Swiss CFF trains, but also French SNCF trains with TGV and TER Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. It will be the hub of the Léman Express, the cross-border regional express network, which will be launched in 2019.

The Geneva Cornavin station remains fully operational during the work. Take the train from Geneva (Cornavin) CFF to Annemasse or Roche-sur-Foron via Bellegarde-su-Valserine. From there, change for Le Fayet-Saint Gervais Les Bains, then take the Mont Blanc Express train for a panoramic ride to Chamonix Mont-Blanc. The Mont Blanc Express runs from St Gervais/Le Fayet all the way through the Chamonix valley, through Forclaz and the Col des Montets to the end line station of Martigny.

Also, it is possible to take a bus from Bellegarde-su-Valserine to Chamonix.  

The SBB Swiss Rail operator's website is better for route and timetable information than the SNCF timetable.

CEVA: rail link Cornavin - Eaux-Vives - Annemasse

The construction of CEVA (orbital rail line between Cornavin, Eaux-Vives, Annemasse) is currently under construction. The full route might open in December 2019.

The project involves linking Geneva (Cornavin station) to Annemasse, by passing Geneva's downtown by the west and south-east. It will be the backbone of regional public transport by allowing the establishment of Léman Express.

The Léman Express, is the future rail network that will serve Geneva and its cross-border agglomeration. Consisting of 6 lines, it will serve 45 stations for 230 km of lane and will be frequented by 50,000 passengers per day.

This network will be coordinated by Lémanis, a joint subsidiary of the two operators, SBB and SNCF, which will also be responsible for its promotion.

The central part of the Léman Express is made up of CEVA, the 16.1 km line linking Geneva to Annemasse, which is largely underground and whose construction began in November 2011 for an inauguration scheduled at the same time as the entire network, on 15th December 2019, although the first adjustments of the offer will be put in place from 11th June 2018 on the existing lines.

Trains from Martigny to Chamonix

From Martigny to Chamonix Mont-Blanc : Train with one connection.

To travel by train from Martigny to Chamonix Mont-Blanc, first take the Mont Blanc Express train from the Martigny train station up to Vallorcine train station. Between Vallorcine and Chamonix, there is a train service operating. So, from the Vallorcine train station, take the train to Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

The train from Martigny to Chamonix runs daily, from 7:46am to 6:46pm, with a traveling time of 1 hour and 26 minutes.

Here all the info on the Martigny - Chamonix train timetables.

Rates: trip with a single ticket

Adult (26 - 59 years): €28,90 Senior (60 years): €26,60
Teenager (12 - 25 years): €18,20 Child (4 - 11 yeras): €15,90

A child from 0 to 3 years old can travel for free, only when the booking of the ticket is made at the same time as an Adult ticket. To book your train ticket just click here

Attention: The last train Martigny - Chamonix Mont Blanc leaves at 6:46pm.

How Trains Work in France 

You have to punch your ticket. There are machines at the entrance to the platforms. Can't find one? Then it's necessary to find the train conductor right away.

Get on the train without having bought a ticket? If you travel without a ticket it will cost you the sum of €50, reduced to €35 for an invalid ticket, again for a journey less than 150 km. From 151 km the penalties are the same but it will be necessary to add the price of the ticket full fare, same thing if you settle in 1st class with a ticket of 2nd, it is what is called the upgrade.

In case of voluntary cheating (falsification, use by a third party, proven fraud) the contredanse will reach €143 in addition to the ticket to settle.

If you do not pay immediately the amount due, you will be drawn up a report of offense with an increase of up to €50.

If you do not pay within two months, you will owe the sum of €375 to the public treasury.

If you have not composted or validated your ticket: the amount of the adjustment can be up to €20.

In case of default of ticket or invalid ticket: the fine is €7 for a journey of less than 150 km and €15 for a journey of more than 150 km, if you find the controller before he come to you.

For trains in France, check the timetables and book on SNCF website! Use Antarctic at the "Ticket collection country" to avoid being transferred to RailEurope, which may not list all the trains.

Discounts for Switzerland to Chamonix Travel

Under 28 purchase a Carte de 12-27. This card costs about €50 and gives up to 30% discount on train travel. The SNCF also offers a Carte Senior with similar discounts for over 60. More Info (in French).
If you are staying in the Chamonix Valley, a journey on the Mont Blanc Express, is free with a Guest Card. Ask for the guest card at your hotel. This card gives you free access to the public transport network between Servoz and Vallorcine.
More Information:
Address: 40 Place de la Gare.
Ticket Office Hours: Everyday from 6:55am to 8:55pm.