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Train from London to Chamonix via Paris - UK to Chamonix Trains

St. Pancras International in London

Travelling to Chamonix from the UK by train is not always the best option. If using public transport, air travel is nearly always quicker and less expensive. If travel on the rail network is preferred, you have a fear of flight or have no car, here are a few tips to help you plan the journey!

There are no direct trains (no Eurostar or TGV route) from London to Chamonix. Three main options, all go via Paris, with a minimum time, Paris to Chamonix in 5 hours, if your final connection is perfectly timed. The three options:

two via St Gervais

  • daytime journey, Eurostar train London to Paris, cross Paris by Metro, board high-speed TGV to St Gervais with one stop and three routing options. (fastest 4h45m)
  • ​overnight journey, Eurostar train London to Paris, cross Paris by Metro, board Corail Lunéa with couchettes and beds, to St Gervais. This is a direct train, no changes. (9h33m)

one via Geneva

  • daytime train, Eurostar to Paris, cross Paris by Metro, board TGV Lyria from Gare de Lyon to Geneva Airport with one change at the downtown station, Geneva Cornavin. (Total time: 3h45m)

1. Daytime Train London to Chamonix via Paris and St Gervais

From London St Pancras International take the Eurostar train to Paris Gare du Nord. (approx. 2h15m)
​Transfer from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon.
From Paris Gare de Lyon there are three high speed train routes (TGV Lyria/TER) to St. Gervais les Bains, each with one change:

  • via Lyon Part Dieu (about 6h)
  • via Annecy (about 6-7h)
  • via Bellegarde (approx. 4h45m)

2. Overnight London to Chamonix Train via Paris and St Gervais

From London St Pancras International take the Eurostar to Paris Gare du Nord. (approx. 2h15m)
​Transfer from Gare du Nord to Gare d'Austerlitz.
From Paris Gare d'Austerlitz there is only one train, the overnight Corail Lunéa to St. Gervais les Bains. It is the cheapest (from £30.50 return). Though the trip is the longest (9h33m), travelling in a couchette or bed gives you the option to leave Paris at night (11.12pm) and arrive the next morning (8:45am) just in time to hop on a train to Chamonix.

St Gervais to Chamonix
On arrival at St Gervais les Bains-Le Fayet (as this is the full name of the station), connect with the Mont-Blanc Express for the final 40 minute leg to Chamonix. The Mont-Blanc Express runs to Martigny, in Switzerland, via Les Houches, Chamonix, Argentiere and Vallorcine.
Alternatively, take a taxi from St Gervais to your destination. (minimum time to Chamonix 15 mins). Taxis may be available on the rank at the station, but we recommend pre-booking a taxi from Chamonix. There are more trains to Chamonix in the morning so travellers from the night train will have a minimum delay in St Gervais.

Paris Interchange
Transfer from Paris Nord to Paris Austerlitz/ Paris Lyon is possible by the metro, taxi or pre-booked taxi.

Paris Nord to Paris Austerlitz
When you alight at Paris Gare de Nord, look for the Metro on the lower level, which can be accessed via stairs or lift. Follow signs to Metro line M5 and take a train in the direction of Place d'Italie. There are 9 stops between Gare du Nord and Gare d'Austerlitz, which usually takes around 25 minutes. It is recommended that you allow at least an hour for the entire transfer. We've put the route into Google Maps for you, so you can check directions!

Paris Nord to Paris Lyon
Transfer from Paris Nord to Paris Lyon by the RER overland train. It is best not to use the metro. When you alight at Gare du Nord, follow the signs for the RER Line D towards Melun or Malesherbes. The RER is the suburban train running through Paris, similar to the Metro but overland. All RER line D trains stop at the Gare de Lyon. There are two stops on the way. The train ride only takes 7 minutes, but it is recommended that you allow about 30 mins for the transfer.
If you still find crossing Paris daunting, take a look at this 2-minute step-by-step video.
The metro fare is €1.70 per journey.

A transfer by taxi costs around €16-€20 and takes about 25 minutes in typical weekday traffic. The extra cost can be a sound investment if you carry heavy luggage or travel together with the whole family. You can check it on worldtaximeter.
Several companies offer pre-bookable taxis in Paris, including taxis-g7. To avoid queues is better to pre-book. Call the G7 Taxis English-speaking line on +33 1 41 27 66 99 (lines open 24 hours).

3. Daytime Train from London to Chamonix via Paris and Geneva

Take the TGV Lyria from Paris, Gare de Lyon to Geneva Airport. Buy a ticket to Geneva GVA. Do not buy a ticket to Geneva CFF. The Intercity train terminates at Geneva CFF, the downtown station also known as Geneva Cornavin (3h15m). This stop is not your destination!
From Geneva Cornavin board any train to Geneva Airport (GVA). Journey is only 8 minutes. There is a frequent service between Geneva CFF and Geneva and GVA. The hassle is worth it, because the total time to Chamonix can be as low as 5 hours.
On arrival at Geneva Airport train station, take your prebooked transfer to Chamonix just as though you have arrived on a flight.
This option is the best, as the public transport connection from Bellegarde to Chamonix is poor and a connection from the Geneva central station to Chamonix is even worse. The cost of the transfer by road to Chamonix may be higher than train via St Gervais to Chamonix but the transfer company will deliver to your destination, is much faster and saves a lot of hassle.

Geneva Railway Stations : Geneva CFF, Geneva Airport & Geneva Eaux-Vives
In Geneva, there are three major railway stations. The station that you want is Geneva Airport, which may also be called Geneva Cointrin. We do not recommend you take the train to Geneva CFF "Gare de Cornavin", which is part of the CFF (Swiss Federal Railways) network.
When booking your ticket, pay attention at the station names as they may appear under different names.

What to Avoid on the journey to Chamonix

1. Do not take the Eurostar Snowtrain that departs from St. Pancras (London) or Ebbsfleet (Kent). This service connects with Moutiers in the Tarentaise, which is ideal for The Three Valleys (Les Trois Vallées). The Tarentaise Savoie département of France, is not at all close to Chamonix.
2. Do not take the route via Lille and St. Gervais. It requires staying overnight in Lille to take the morning train to St Gervais and takes longer to get to Chamonix.
3. Do not stop your Paris to Geneva journey at Geneva CFF:

  • The train from Geneva CFF to Chamonix is an infrequent service with at least three stops and may take all day.
  • The transfer companies will not travel into Geneva centre to collect you, though you might find an exception.
  • A taxi from Geneva CFF to Chamonix may cost in excess of €300.


If purchased in advance (60 to 90 days), Eurostar London to Paris train tickets are cheaper for each leg. For the best fares, include a Saturday night trip in your stay.

Too late for advanced booking? You can still find good deals if you take the earliest (before 7am) or latest (after 7pm) trains of the day.

Children under 4 do not require a ticket as long as they are seated on the lap of an adult.

There are often discounts for youth (25 and under) and senior (60+) passengers so, if you fall into one of these categories make sure you check the box when booking online.

Only need a one way ticket? One way is very expensive so you should still purchase round trip as it is half the price.

Check the Eurostar train Timetables from London to Paris and book early!

Download the timetables for trains from Paris to Chamonix via St Gervais.

For trains in France, check the timetables and book on SNCF website! Use Antarctic at the "Ticket collection country" to avoid being transferred to RailEurope, which may not list all the trains.

The price will vary from £80 to £280 for a one way journey depending on the season and how long in advance the booking is made. The best website to do this is RailEurope.