Off Piste Flégère

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Tue, 03 Feb 2015

La Flégère is a good place to begin off-piste skiing with lots of rolls and gullies with some short steep sections. Its south-facing aspect makes it a great place for spring skiing. Time it right, between the morning hard icy conditions and afternoon slush (especially later in the season). Always take a guide to ski off-piste.

Ski Off Piste
Ski Off Piste in the Chamonix Valley. Photo @ Philippe Collet
Flégère ski Resort. Photo @ Philippe Collet
 Ski Off Piste at Flégère ski Resort. Photo @ Philippe Collet
Combe des Crouchues - La Flégère
Combe Lachenal - La Flégère

Combe Lachenal

A wide bowl accessed by traversing to the south-west from the top of the Index lift. It is steep at first but widens giving numerous routes down 750m of descent. It flattens at the bottom. Ski left to join the lift system with the Esserts chair. Good for both spring skiing and powder. Potential for avalanche can be very high.

Combe des Crouchues

These bowls to the far left of La Flégère give some wonderful off-piste skiing with lots of bumps and hollows, particularly good in spring. Access by traversing to the north-east from the top of the Index lift. Some sidestepping is required to reach the top of the bowl but it is well worth the short effort!

From the small hut - Cabane de la Tete Aubuy - ski left down wide slopes and meet the piste and La Trappe lift. (Beware of setting off any slides or avalanches that threaten the beginners' piste below)