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Le Shoukâ is a cocoa and coffee factory located at 206 rue du Dr Paccard in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in Haute-Savoie.

What do we offer?

Faced with the standardization of food products, our mission is to show through sales or education the immense biological and taste diversity of 4 high-consumption markets: coffee, chocolate, teas, and dried fruits.

This is why we roast and sell specialty coffee, Bean to Bar chocolate, dried fruits, and all products derived from these universes on site.

We also offer to consume them on site.

We also seek to transmit our values ​​through our shop which are,

- Authenticity, we want to preserve the quality of the products as nature gave them to us so as not to disguise anything in terms of taste and best express the organoleptic qualities of the raw materials.

- Respect for nature, we want to sell and produce in a reasonable way and highlight the wealth that nature offers us. This is why we seek to reduce waste and recycle as much as possible.

- Simplicity, it is not because coffee, chocolate or tea are "simple" products and which are democratizing that we forget the quality. This is why we made the choice to manufacture products of excellent quality but which remain accessible to the greatest number.

- Transparency, we made the choice of transparency because it was important to us that the final customer can see the ins and outs, whether for coffee or chocolate.
Indeed today when we buy coffee or chocolate we only know the origin of the product but not the producer or how the final product was made.
That's why we decided to show everything, from the farmer to the manufacturing and its consumption, including the intermediaries.