Cinema Vox Chamonix: What's on this week?

Last Updated: 
Wed, 26 Apr 2023

The Cinema Vox in Chamonix opens to the public on Wednesday 23 November after two months of renovation works. Click here to read our article.

Situated right in the centre of Chamonix town, Cinema Vox is the perfect place for an incredible movie-viewing experience.

Recently renovated the Cinema Vox offers: 3 rooms - 414 seats!

One new room with 192 numbered armchairs, Duo seats, 2K digital projection, brand new 7.1 sound!

The Cinema Vox invites you catch the latest French and International flicks, lots of premieres and specialist mountain-sports films and also 3D films.


Cinema Vox
Cinema Vox in Chamonix
Cinema Vox in Chamonix
Cinema Vox - Interior
Cinema Hall


Completely re-thought, the main cinema Vox theatre is waiting for you with a "must see movies list" all year long. Come see French movies with English subtitles or vice versa. Conviviality and atmosphere are guaranteed.

Sessions usually take place at 5.30pm and 9pm, and on bad weather days there is often an extra viewing session in the afternoon. You can check what movies are playing right now by consulting the Chamonix Cinema Vox Program.

Ticket Prices:

Adult - €10.00
Children (<13 years) - €5.50
Student (+18 years, students, large families) - €7.50
Seniors (+65 years) - €8.50

CinéPass: Rechargeable subscription card at a preferential rate every day and every session.

It is a card of 5 or 10 places, rechargeable at any time or when your seat credit is exhausted.

Cinepass is valid every day at all sessions.

The credit is valid for 6 months, any place remaining on your account after the expiration date will be permanently lost. However, if you reload your card before the expiry date, the remaining seats to your credit will be added to your new payment and extended by 6 months.


Cinépass 5: Recharge €35.00 ie €7.00 instead, 3 places maximum per session

Cinépass 10: Recharge €65.00 € ie €6.50 instead, 5 places maximum per session

You'll pay €2 for 3D glasses unless you happen to have your own.

Free Parking for all: show your parking ticket ( valid for St Michel car park and Mont-Blanc car park).

For more information:
22 Cour du Bartavel
74400 Chamonix
+33 4 50 53 03 39