Chamonix: Vox Cinema Reopens on 24 June 2020


Excellent news for cinephiles residing in the Chamonix Valley!

The reopening of the Cinema Vox in Chamonix is scheduled for 24 June 2020. As expected, social distancing and good sanitary measures are in place.

Cinema Vox in Chamonix

The cinema reopens with a program resumed after the confinement and shows major productions that filled theatres, such as "De Gaulle".

The programming that is being developed should appeal to all spectators, as the cinema will not only display big films but also productions of art and essays.

In order to avoid contact with the cash register as much as possible, an operation to buy your ticket online will be implemented from June 24 to July 7. Moreover, everyone who purchases their cinema ticket online can benefit from a promotional rate of 5 euros per session.

Of course, the rules of social distancing and hygiene will be respected. In this regard, a set of pictograms will be placed on the ground, so that spectators can easily find their seats.

Families and couples will obviously be able to sit together, but there will be an unoccupied seat between people who do not belong in the same group. The Vox Cinema will reduce capacity by 50%.

The schedule is designed in a way that allows for regular disinfection of the premises. All other usual sanitary measures will be put in place.

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