Mont Blanc: Mountaineers spend the night in the storm


On 14th July 2018 in the afternoon, some mountaineers got stuck by the storm and were forced to spend the night in the Mont Blanc Massif.

Mont Maudit. Photo source: @camptocamp
PGHM Chamonix helicopter
Mont Maudit. Photo source: @camptocamp
Mont Maudit. Photo source: @camptocamp

According to Le Dauphine, a group of Italian mountaineers called the PGHM of Chamonix. A woman had fallen from the Mont Maudit (4.465m), luckily she only suffered slight bruises but she was disoriented.

The Civil Security helicopter could not approach the area because of the bad weather. In the end, she was rescued by a ground caravan and spend the night at the Cosmiques shelter.

Four other members of the same group of Italians, joined by two Frenchmen, were also caught by the storm. They spent the night outside, sheltered by seracs after they got rescued by a helicopter around 5:30 am, in good health.

Two other people descending from Mont Blanc were lost in the area of ​​Tournette down the Italian side. Due to the bad weather, they could not spend the night at 4.700 meters altitude. One of them was in poor physical condition and was rescued that day, the other was rescued the next morning.

Also, at around 6:40 am the PGHM rescued a South Korean from the shelter of Tête Rousse, suspected of suffering from pneumothorax, was hospitalized in Sallanches.

We advise mountaineers to be properly equipped, and to possess sufficient experience, to avoid being the cause or the victim of an accident.

Mont Blanc minimum equipment list: hat, sunglasses, ski mask, sun cream, warm and waterproof jacket, mountaineering trousers and base layer, mountaineering-specific boots, and crampons, harness and crevasse rescue equipment, rope, ice ax, GPS or altimeter.

We recommend: hire a High Mountain Guide

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