Mont-Blanc: two climbers rescued by PGHM!


On Tuesday morning, the 28th April 2015, the Chamonix PGHM rescue team recovered the two French climbers who were trapped for three days at altitude in the Mont Blanc massif.

Two French men, a father and his son have been trapped at 4362 metres altitude on Saturday morning while tried to finish their ascent of Mont-Blanc. The bad weather forced them to take shelter at the Vallot refuge, un unmanned and basically equipped place which lies on the upper slopes of the Mont Blanc massif.

Vallot Refuge
Chamonix PGHM helicopter
Classic route of Mont-Blanc

Chamonix PGHM rescue team in action!

Due to the bad weather conditions, the PGHM were unable to rescue the men. So, the mission took a bit longer than we expected.

"We have checked the men's situation three times a day by telephone. Of course, they were hungry and thirsty, but they did well, rationing that little food and water they had left." declared the captain of PGHM, Jean-Baptiste Estachy.

Thanks to a very favourable climate, they were finally rescued yesterday morning, after an unsuccessful attempt on Sunday.

The two climbers were brought safely back to Chamonix after spending an unplanned few nights isolated from the world.

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