Place des Seracs: New Renovation Project


Located in the heart of Les Pèlerins (Chamonix Sud), la Place des Seracs will be renovated from June 2018.

Indeed, the works will begin on 25th June 2018 and will last four months.

End of renovation project: early November 2018

According to the Town Hall of Chamonix, the objective of this renovation project is the opening of Place des Seracs to the outside, to make it more visible, to create a unified and pleasant area and to facilitate access to shops and housing.

The alleyways will be dismantled, the pedestrian circulation spaces will be enlarged, light bollards installed, the parking lot will be changed, the traffic directions of the cars will be changed, toilets and a bicycle shelter will be created.

A renovation in two phases:

  • The first two months of the project are devoted to the construction of the new car park and the road, as well as underground networks (public toilets, lighting).
  • The second part of the project, which should begin at the beginning of September, will make it possible to carry out all the landscaped and pedestrian part.

Work budget: €600 000 TTC.

Map of place des Seracs. Photo source:
Google maps

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