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Canyoning in Chamonix - Mont Blanc & Haute Savoie (France)

Canyoning à Chamonix. Photo @ Oxo Canyoning

Canyoning is an outdoor sport and a very fun water activity.

It consists of descending a river, a gorge or a steep canyon, alternating swimming, hiking and climbing.

The canyoning descent uses technical notions of walking on various terrains, climbing, jumping, rappelling and swimming. While the most vertical obstacles require the use of rope techniques (abseil, zip line, etc.).

What is the minimum age for canyoning?

We advise from the age of 7 years. From this age, your children will be able to learn canyoning, but it is very important to know how to swim.

What equipment is needed for canyoning. The equipment is normally provided by the guide or by the Canyoning agency!

- Neoprene Wetsuit
- Neoprene Scuba Shoes.
- Waterproof Backpack.
- Canyoning Harness.
- Downhill, lanyard and safety carabiners.
- Semi-static ropes.
- Helmet.

In France, only Graduate Canyoning Instructors and a few High Mountain Guides are authorized to take clients canyoning. Check out our list!


Canyoning in the Chamonix Valley

Canyoning from Barberine to Vallorcine

This very interesting canyon, very fun and very accessible. Anyone can try the adventure. Possible to bypass big jumps and big abseils. Jumps up to 7m, 25m booster, a zip line and super slides. On the other hand, it is very popular in high season.

Parking altitude: 1220m
Departure altitude: 1630 m.
Length: 750 m.
Verticality difficulty: D
Engagement difficulty: 2
Required rope length: 2x40 m.
Approach time: 2 hours
Descent time: 2 hours
Return time: 10 min
Topo / Carto: 3630 OT Chamonix Mont Blanc
Technical advice: upstream dam, only the first part is recessed and has few loopholes.

Canyoning from Balme to Magland (30 mins from Chamonix)

The Balme Canyon is made for those looking for a sport in the heart of nature. The first half of this wild gorge offers a succession of beautiful waterfalls to descend as a rappel. You take autonomy to the 22 m cascading waterfall. The canyon then opens into the forest for the final bouquet: dozens of natural slides. A real water park!

Departure altitude: 700 m.
Length: 1000m
Verticality difficulty: v3a3II
Required rope length: 2x30 m.
Approach time: 15 mins
Descent time: 2:30
Return time: 5 min

Belle au Bois canyoning in Megève (40 mins from Chamonix)

A sports canyon with several jumps, reminders and a beautiful slide… A great escape!

Between two pastures, you come across an impressive gorge. A very aquatic first part with jumps up to 6 meters high puts you straight in the bath. Then the series of the three great waterfalls will leave you with great memories with spectacular reminders.

Length: 1000 m.
Verticality difficulty: v3a4II
Required rope length: 2x30 m.
Approach time: 5 mins
Descent time: 1h30
Return time: 20 min