Bus Travel from Paris to Chamonix

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Mon, 04 Jan 2021

Bus companies on the route Paris-Chamonix are Flixbus, Eurolines, Ouibus.

These bus companies have also apps, so you can easily reach travel information and, eventually, book from the mobile phone.
For easy booking online, there are several sites that can help you find a price to suit you, like www.busbud.com, www.checkmybus.com, www.goeuro.com. All of these have also app versions.

Paris-Chamonix with Flixbus, the prices start from €13,99 - book here

Paris-Chamonix with Ouibus, the prices start from €33,99 - book here

Paris-Chamonix with Eurolines, the prices start from €28 - book here

The prices can vary depending on the company that you choose to travel with, but it depends also on the date that you are booking and for how many persons.

Most of the departures are from Gare Bercy, Paris, with arrival at Chamonix Sud. The trip lasts around 12 hours, depending, of course, on the road, weather conditions.

When you book your ticket, you can also find the estimated time of the trip. The buses have departures from morning until late at night.

These travelling companies have modern facilities on board, like free Wi-fi, sockets, toilets, legroom.


Travelling with Flixbus:

Generally, your ticket includes the free transportation of:

One item of hand baggage (max. 42 x 30 x 18 cm, max. 7kg)
1 travel baggage item (max. 80 x 50 x 30 cm (31.5 x 19.7 x 11.9 in), some deviations in dimensions allowed for max. size of all sides of 160 cm (63.0 in), max. 20kg (44.1 lbs)

For more informations, visit their <Baggage> section.

For details for persons with disabilities, click here.


Travelling with Ouibus:

Items of hand luggage containing your personal belongings can be stowed in the racks above your seat or underneath your seat.

Any luggage stowed in the hold (excluding pushchairs) must meet the following requirements:
Dimensions: the sum of the height, width and depth of your item of luggage cannot be greater than 200cm. L + W + D ≤ 200cm.
Poids: max. 20kg.

For more information, visit their <Luggage> section.

Travelling with Ouibus for children and minors - reduced price and other details

For boarding of persons with disabilitiesclick here.


Travelling with Eurolines:

With Eurolines, you can carry for free 2 pieces of luggage in the hold (max. 20kg each for a max. total of 40kg) and 1 carry-on on most of our lines. 

Fees apply on certain lines.

Luggage in the hold must meet the following requirements: 

Weight: one luggage cannot exceed 20kg
Dimensions: the sum of the 3 measurements (length + width + depth) of one luggage must not exceed 170 cm,
Labels: all luggage must be labelled (last name, first name, telephone number, full address is the passenger's full address and destination). When boarding, labels will be delivered.

Bicycles, skis and musical instruments are forbidden on board and in the hold. 

For safety reasons, it is prohibited to carry :

Illegal or inflammable products (drugs, weapons, combustible fuel, toxic materials, etc.)
Animals (except for guide dogs accompanying a blind or hard of hearing person).

For more information (for luggage, travelling of children and minors), click here.

For passengers with disabilities, click here.


Unless you book online, you have here some phone numbers:
Contact Eurolines France: +33 1 41 86 24 21 (landing line only), from 8 am to 8 pm, from Monday to Friday, or 0 892 89 90 91(Service 0.35€/min + call fees), if you are in France

Contact Flixbus France: +33 1 76 36 04 12
Contact Ouibus France: +33 892 68 00 68, from 8 am to 8 pm (Central European Time); the customer service is open from Monday to Friday.

Flixbus bus, photo @ https://www.flickr.com
Ouibus bus, photo @ https://www.flickr.com
Eurolines bus, photo @ https://www.flickr.com

Within the vicinity of Chamonix: Bus S.A.T.

The SAT bus also has some lines which connect Chamonix to St Gervais, Combloux, Megeve, Praz sur Arly and also Sallanches, Magland and Cluses:

Winter/Spring 2020-2021

Line 82

Chamonix Sud - St Gervais - Combloux - Megeve - Praz sur Arly

19 December 2020 - 03 April 2021

Spring / Summer 2020

Line 81
Line 81 does not run during the summer school holidays, from July 6 to August 31.
Resumption of usual services on Tuesday, September 1st.

Chamonix Sud - Les- Houches - St Gervais - Sallanches - Magland - Cluses

1 September 2020 - 6 July 2021

SAT Bus offers you the option to order and pay online your bus ticket. Every destination. You can do this by visiting sat-montblanc.com.