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Buses from Italy to Chamonix

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Travelling from Italy to Chamonix with Flixbus

The buses have departures from morning until late at night. When you book your ticket online and set the date of the departure, they will show the hours at which there are buses with places available.

The prices can vary depending on the date that you are booking and for how many persons.

You can book your ticket either from their website or from Flixbus app (Flixbus app for Android, Flixbus bus for iOS)


Aosta to Chamonix Mont-Blanc, starting from €4,99 / trip will take about 1h30m

Milano to Chamonix Mont-Blanc, starting from €13,99 / trip will take about 3h55m

Turin to Chamonix Mont-Blanc, starting from €10,99 / trip will take about 3h30m

The duration of each trip depends, of course, on the road, weather conditions. When you book your ticket, you can also find the estimated time of the trip.

Flixbus has modern facilities onboard, like free Wi-fi, sockets, toilets, legroom.

SAVDA Buses from Italy: Milano / Turin / Aosta / Courmayeur to the Chamonix Valley

Check and download timetables from 26 June to 12 September 2021:

Bus Chamonix - Courmayeur - Aosta - Turin - Milan

Bus Prices from Italy to Chamonix

Price for Chamonix / Courmayeur is €15 One way / €30 Roundtrip / €22 Roundtrip for the same day.

If you buy a subscription, which consists of 6 one-way trips, you will have to pay €75.

-50%: Bikes in the hold within the limits of available space and under the responsibility of the owner (only for Chamonix / Courmayeur) / Little dogs with a muzzle.

To travel by bus from Chamonix to Aosta, Turin or Milan, you must buy 2 tickets (1 Chamonix to Courmayeur, 1 Courmayeur to Aosta, Turin or Milan).

Below are the prices for the entire trip (both tickets):

  • Price for Chamonix to Aosta is €18,50 One way / €37 Roundtrip
  • Price for Chamonix to Turin is €30,50 One way / €54,80 Roundtrip
  • Price for Chamonix to Milano is €34,50 One way / €69 Roundtrip

ID Card OR Passport Required.

Reservations must be made by 5 pm the day before.

The departure points are only at Chamonix Sud Terminal Bus in Chamonix and the coach Station Piazzale Monte Bianco in Courmayeur.

SAVDA also offers discounts if you book and pay online your bus ticket. Discount for children under 12 years old.

You can also download the new app, SAVDAbus (SAVDAbus for Android, SAVDAbus for iOS), register your details (name, password, e-mail address and credit card number) and buy your tickets.

Connections are not guaranteed in case of traffic at the Mont Blanc Tunnel or in case of bad road or weather conditions.


More info: Lovecourmayeur (Courmayeur info website)