Avalanche on the north side of Couloir du Gouter


On  August 25, an important snow slide has been triggered on the north side of the Couloir du Gouter, frightening two alpinistes.

Hélicoptère de secours de la gendarmerie de Chamonix
Mont Tondu, Massive du Mont-Blanc
Couloir du Gouter, Massif du Mont-Blanc

The avalanche alarm was raised early in the morning, at 8:40am by a German tourist. Thus, the Pelotons de Gendarmerie de Montagne de Chamonix  immediately arrived at the scene of the accident with a helicopter. They rescued 2 alpinistes, who were more frightened than harmed.

Shocked, the two climbers have been evacuated and transported to the DZ des Bois.

At about 10:30am, the rescue team had to intervene for another emergency mission in the Mont-Blanc Massif. A rope of six climbers had unscrewed from the Mont Tondu, creating two victims. One of climbers suffered a fracture of the femur, for which was hospitalised in Sallanches, while the second one, presenting minor injuries has received medical care in Chamonix.

Due to climatic instability, the local authorities are advising extreme caution in the next few days for those going into the high mountains.

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