Dôme du Goûter: Romanian Climber in Fatal Crevasse Fall


Friday 15th September 2017, a Romanian climber (38) was found dead by the gendarmes of the Chamonix PGHM at the bottom of a crevasse underneath the Dôme du Goûter (4,304m).

The Dôme du Goûter. Photo source: @www.france3-regions
The civil security helicopter. Photo source: @http://www.radiomontblanc.fr
Mont Blanc - Normal route by the Goûter. Photo source: @www.camptocamp.org
The Dôme du Goûter. Photo source: @www.camptocamp.org
The Dôme du Goûter  - North. Photo source: @www.camptocamp.org

According to Le Parisien, the man suffered a fatal fall of more than 600 meters, while descending the Mont-Blanc (4808,72m) on the normal route.

The Lieutenant Pelisson of the Chamonix PGHM declared that "He was descending the Mont-Blanc that he had climbed up with another person. He fell alone to his death under the Dome of the Goûter, a fall of more than 600m which ended in a crevasse.

The alert was given around midday by a mountain guide who was at the Gouter Refuge and who saw the climber falling.

According to the preliminary investigations led by the Chamonix PGHM, the Romanian climber was properly equipped.

The body of the climber was flown back to the valley by the civil security helicopter and was identified by the consular authorities.

The Lieutenant Pelisson of the Chamonix PGHM said that even there are several routes to climb Mont Blanc, the normal route (Tête Rousse, Goûter, Bosses Ridge) concentrated more deaths this summer with 11 people who have lost their lives, between 15th June and 15 September 2017.

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