Mont-Blanc: 33 trapped in cable car


Video of Panoramique Cable Car leaving the Pointe Helbornner (Italy) to the Rognon Rock mid-station and terminating at the Aiguille du Midi (France).


9:44am: The rescue of the 33 people has been completed.
Everybody is safe.


7:46am: The cable cars were finally uncrossed, the rotation may resume for the evacuation of the last cable cars occupants by the stations of the mechanical connection.


7:21am: The technical team is attempting an ultimate cable tension maneuver to unstuck the cable cars. The operation is a failure.
A doctor is already at Pointe Helbronner to welcome the people. They are fine, but the night was cold.


7:12am: An Alpine Rescue Helicopter landed in Aosta Valley, at the foot of Skyway MonteBianco (Italy) .


7:04am: 33 people remain trapped in 4 telecabins of the Panoramic Cable car, near Chamonix in the Mont-Blanc Massif. This morning, Friday 9 September 2016 they are reporting to be in good spirits after a night suspended above the glacier. Rescue operations are on-going.


Midnight: Twelve people have been evacuated from their cable cars by the Italian rescue team. This rescue operation was possible because those cable cars were close enough to the ground.


Thursday 11:19pm: 20 rescuers have been mobilized from 5:45pm to 8:45pm.
The rescue operation will continue on Friday morning, 9 September 6:30am, depending on weather conditions.


Thursday 11:12pm: The Press release of Ministry of Interior, appreciated : "The courage of the French and Italian rescue teams engaged in a delicate operation to rescue 110 people trapped in the cable cars of the Panoramic Mont-Blanc between the Aiguille du Midi and Pointe Helbronner, after a technical incident ".
"The Ministry of Interior stays informed in real-time about the evolution of this situation".

Thursday 10pm: Currently 65 people have been evacuated. Others are stuck and are going to spend the night in the telecabins, where 5 rescuers have been displaced.
According to Haute-Savoie Prefect."Given this situation, it's a good rescue performance".


Thursday 9pm: Due to the fall of night and clouds arrival, the rescue operation has been suspended for safety reasons. 50 people have been evacuated. Other 60 people will spend the night in the cable cars. A PGHM rescuer was sent to bring water, food and blankets.


Thursday 7:55pm: The rescue operation continues with 4 helicopters mobilized Italian and French rescuers.
There are enough rescuers for this operation, one rescuer per cabin.


Thursday 7:40pm: 17 people of 110 trapped in the telecabins have already been evacuated and brought to Pointe Helbronner (Italy). There are Italians, French and Americans.

4 helicopters and 20 rescuers are engaged in this operation, under the command of Stéphane Bozon - PGHM commander and under the direct coordination of Prefect Georges-François Leclerc.


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Mont-Blanc Cable Cars. photo source : @Le Dauphine
PGHM rescuer above Mont-Blanc Cable Car. photo source :
The PGHM Chamonix rescue team. photo source :
PGHM Chamonix helicopter rescue. photo source :

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