Ski Touring Fatality


Tuesday, 25 Feb 2014: Tragedy on Mont Buet: a 30 year-old Scottish ski tourer got carried 600 metres down to Bérard Valley, probably by a collapsed snow cornice.

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The PGHM was alerted at 12:50 about a tragedy near the the summit of Mont Buet in the Masif de Giffre.
The deceased, a 30 year-old Scottish tourist was ski touring with a friend at 3096 meters, on a classical ski touring route. It is supposed that he got carried down to Bérard Valley by a small avalanche, triggered by the fall of a cornice, on a distance of approximately 600 meters.
The companion of the victim, also a thirty year-old Scottish tourist, was not caught and got away without any injuries.
It is quite likely that they passed through a snow cornice of the North face, which collapsed, carrying one of them to his death.
On arrival at the scene of the accident, the rescuers could only confirm that the young man was dead.
The victim and the other skier were taken by helicopter to the hospital in Sallanches.
An investigation was opened to clarify the circumstances of the accident.

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