Buses from Geneva to Chamonix - Switzerland to Chamonix Bus

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Tue, 19 Dec 2017

SAT runs regular coach buses between Geneva Airport (GVA) and Chamonix all year round. The journey takes over 2 hours.

If you fly to GVA, it is recommended to make prior arrangements for a coach to Chamonix. There is the option to book and pay online in advance, some bus companies offering a discount if you book online.

All the buses must go across Swiss territory. Make sure you have passport (with valid Swiss visa), if required for your nationality.

Ticket Office for SAT buses at the SNCF station
SAT Ticket Office right of SNCF station
SAT Autobus at the SNCF station

Buses from Geneva Airport (GVA) to Chamonix

Ticket points

In Geneva, tickets are sold directly at the airport the day of departure, in the international sector, at Tourism information by the coach station at the Visitor's Center (+4122 798 20 00) on the Arrivals level.

Opening hours: everyday between 8am and 11pm.

Contact: Phone: +41 22 732 02 30/ E-mail: info@gare-routiere.ch

For return journey, seats must be reserved 48 hours before departure at the bus offices.

Make sure you allow about 4 to 5 hours to get from Chamonix to Geneva Airport depending on bad weather or traffic conditions and check-in procedures.

In Chamonix, tickets can be bought from the small Ticket Office right of SNCF station, 40 place de la Gare.

Opening hours: everyday from 8am to 11.30am and from 1.15pm to 6.15pm.

Contact: Phone: +33 (0)4 50 53 01 15/ E-mail: chamsat@orange.fr

Timetables - PDF format

Attention: From 8th September 2017, the stops at Domancy and Chamonix Center will no longer be served.

Departures from Chamonix are grouped in Chamonix Sud for the better handling of passengers.

The relays from the other stations will now be at Gare du Fayet (St Gervais les Bains Le Fayet), for more space and more services during the connections.

New stop at the relay car park (P+R) of Sallanches (pick-up of the passengers at the parking area).

Prices - one way / round trip

OuiBus :

  • Adults - €19 One Way / €38 Round Trip
  • Children (0 > 2 years) - €9,50 One Way /  €19 Round Trip
  • Extra charges on board (+5€) or in the sales points.
  • Animals are not allowed on this service.
  • Luggage : free 1 in the trunk and 1 on board (extra luggage with additional charge).
  • Unused tickets are not refundable.

Lihsa :

  • Adults - €24 One Way / €48 Round Trip
  • Children - €15 One Way / €30 Round Trip

Useful maps and Bus stops

Buses from Trient / Martigny to Chamonix

Between Switzerland and the Chamonix Valley: Col de la Forclaz - Trient - Vallorcine - Le Buet

The TMR bus operates in winter to Vallorcine. The bus to Switzerland resumes in June, but only goes as far as the Chatelard train station on the Swiss/French border.

From Chatelard, there is a bus to Trient and all the way to Martigny. Buses that stop at Vallorcine, Le Buet and Chatelard all stop at the train station providing easy access to connections by train.

From Vallorcine or Le Buet you can take the train to Chamonix. (site in french)

Between Martigny (Switzerland) and the Chamonix Valley -> Take the train.

For more information, please call:

  •     Gare de Finhaut: 0041.27 768 11 24
  •     Maison de Tourisme de Finhaut: 0041.27 768 12 78