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Flying from the Summit of Mont Blanc: Paragliding/Parapente

Flying from the Summit of Mont Blanc

One of the reasons people fly in the Chamonix valley is to be near the huge mountains. Mont Blanc rises above them all at 4,810m.

From early spring right through to November, some intrepid pilots choose to fly from Mt Blanc for the "ultimate" Chamonix experience. To climb Mt Blanc with a paraglider takes a great effort but the experience is extremely rewarding.

Directions: There are numerous ways to ascend Mt Blanc. Probably the most common route taken by paragliding pilots is from the Aiguille du Midi. Checking the weather report on the night before.

More info about Paragliding from Mont Blanc and Video from Yotube

Spend the evening at the Refuge Cosmiques. On average it take 5-7 hours to reach the summit from there.

It is possible to launch in N,S,E winds but not W.

Flight Details: It is quite amazing to have the choice of landing in Italy, France or Switzerland if you are lucky. An hour of gliding along the Massif du Mt Blanc leaves plenty of time to assess the landing options.

Pilots may find themselves crossing numerous glaciers, passing by and over refuges and climbers. From the summit it is approximately 3,800m vertically to the valley floor.

Tips for flying from Mt Blanc

This mountain is heavily crevassed and at high altitude. Alpine climbing knowledge, as well as crampons, ice axe and rope are essential.

The temperature can be very cold so take warm clothing.

Plenty of water should be carried. It is easy to become dehydrated quickly at altitude.

Go with pilots who have high mountain skills. We recommend taking a mountain guide.

Launching can sometimes be troublesome as winds can often be different to the forecast.

Respect take-off sites and landing fields

Bois du Bouchet: (authorised landing field but closed in winter - use the hang glider landing field 150m north east).
GPS: N45°55'53" E006°52'43".
Altitude: 1,040m.

Clos du Savoy (forbidden in winter). Launch sites are free for all pilots - 'vol Libre' at its best!

The previous Argentière landing field is closed. Please don't go there as negotiations are in process. A free guide book covering numerous sites in the Chamonix and surrounding areas (in English and French) is available from the paragliding schools.

There are important new rules concerning the overflying of the natural parks. Please consult the guide book for details.

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Video from Paragliding flight Mont Blanc Summit