A new staircase from the summit of Les Grands Montets


The staircase from the top cable car station of the Grands Montets (3,295 m), built in the 90’s by SATAL, has finished its useful life.

For this 2016 summer season, climbers are provided with a temporary access between the cable car and the base of the summit.

The new installation is being constructed by “Accro-BPT” for the preparatory engineering & “Joly & Philippe” for the construction & installation of the staircase.

The new construction will have:

  • an improved route directly from the cable car down to the summit base;
  • the steps slightly higher and uniform are designed to withstand upward snow pressure in the winter;
  • the steps will be covered with matting and handrail stainless steel;
  • demolition of the old staircase has already commenced and the debris will be removed by helicopter to the valley floor.
Work in progress for the new staircase to the Grands Montets, (3,275 m)
Grands Montets Top Station

The new route does cross over the old route and at this point the demolition work has commenced.

The new staircase will be re-situated so that skiers will no longer cross the Great bistro terrace to reach the staircase down to the snow.

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